To date the results of and feedback from our recent trips has been really exciting.

June 2016, KDT Southern Testimonial – UnitingCare West Tranby

"The Kimberly dental team have been a gift to our homelessness services. I was the previous manager and dental issues were of a major concern to our team working with homeless individuals in the Perth CBD. Cost and accessibility were major barriers.

After getting in contact with Jan and John Owen (KDT) they did not hesitate in offering a free service for adults and children when they were not working in the Kimberly. This collaboration has continued and the results for our client group are fantastic and have had a massive impact on their wellbeing.

I cannot commend the work and generosity of KDT enough – They are brilliant!"

Anne Maroni,now Acting Manager Community Options, UnitingCare West

"Thank you KDT for your wonderful work with the people of Tuart Place over the last three years. Many of our participants have had bad experiences with dentists, or no dental treatment in their early years. Your gentle and respectful approach has enabled people to feel safe enough to have a dental checkup, sometimes for the first time in decades. We are very grateful for the free dental checkups KDT provide to participants at Tuart Place, and very much appreciate the friendly and professional style of Jan and John’s team."

Philippa White, Director, Tuart Place

June 2014

"I couldn't believe how gentle John was, and I knew I could say stop at any time. The best thing was knowing that John would just tell me what needed doing, and it would be my decision whether to go ahead or not."

Georgie, Grateful KDT Southern Patient

11th June 2013

"I was part of the May 2013 Kimberley Dental Team and found it an eye opening and hugely satisfying experience. It was wonderful that Robyn, the KDT Oral Health Officer, was part of the team and could help us with our patients each day. As a local, she was able to share important information about the communities we worked in. She was also great at explaining procedures to our Indigenous patients and making them feel more relaxed in the dental chair. I believe it is vital to continue to have local health workers involved with KDT, to help to provide a strong link between the dental volunteers and our patients."

Dr Clare Lin BDS (Melb)

29th January 2013

"The Kimberley Dental Team instigated the Strong Teeth for Kimberley Kids daily tooth brushing program in 2009. They supply expert oral health education and many thousands of brushes and toothpaste to all 39 schools and to clinics, communities and indigenous groups. The team also carries out screening and the facilitation of dental treatment for children including those at the most isolated and disadvantaged schools in the region. As the Healthy Schools Officer in the Kimberley, I and the principals, teachers, parents and students themselves greatly appreciate the expertise, information and care given so generously by Dr Jilen Patel, Dr John Owen, Mrs Jan Owen and the rest of the team."

Trish Pepper, Kimberley Population Health Unit. Broome Western Australia

25th January 2013

Everyone's happy to see the Kimberley Dental Team because they are so friendly and kind and those that would never go to see the dentist in town are now getting seen. They don’t have to travel.

General health has improved. So many were previously compromised because of dental problems and huge waiting list in town so they would just put up with the pain.

Those fearful of the dentist are now coming to be seen. This is a wonderful break thru. The dental team are so reassuring and so culturally appropriate.

To have KDT come up the road twice a year has been for me one of the best moments /achievements in all my years here and all of us are so grateful for their service.

Sister Mary Jane Lynch, Sisters of Mercy, Dodnum Clinic, Gibb River Community

August trip 2010

My week with the Kimberley Dental Team in August as a DCA was fantastic. I had so much fun I wanted to stay another week. It’s the best way to see the Kimberly, meet the locals and have a great working holiday.

Jan and John’s hospitality is unwavering and their passion for KDT infectious. If you have the opportunity or are thinking of working with KDT, go for it!

Leah Sieler

Being part of the Kimberley Dental Team as a student was a highly memorable 2 weeks. As a student I got to see a wide variety of dental presentations and practice some basic dental skills in a variety of environments. The number of procedures includes about 20 examinations, 25 extractions, 20 restorations, scale and cleans, radiographs, topical fluoride application and oral hygiene instruction. I also got to assist Dr Daniel Cocker with 2 surgical extractions and Dr John Owen with a difficult extraction, all of which were good learning opportunities.

Apart from working based out of the government dental clinic, we also did some screening at a community primary school, at a nursing home, and did some oral health talks at the Aboriginal Medical Centre. It was eye-opening to see the needs of the communities in this region, as well as the positive impact that the Kimberley Dental Team had just by visiting and being part of the community – the friendly reception and appreciation was evidence to that.

In the evenings and on the weekends time was spent taking part in community events such as salsa dancing in the community hall and going to the 1st Halls Creek Music Festival. I also got to appreciate beautiful and vast country landscapes. From an aerial perspective in John’s helicopter as well as in the car, the Kimberley has some of the most breathtaking views in Australia. Overall it was a fantastic experience, no doubt the most memorable times in my time at dental school.

Moses Lee

August trip 2009

Dear John, Jan and Ashleigh, I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you all for giving me the opportunity to be part of the "Kimberley Dental Team". I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have to say that it was one of the best experiences of my career. Depending on whichever path life decides to take me down, I hope to be involved further in the years to come.

Kristal Walker Dental Assistant, Dr Brian Koch and Associates.

I had the opportunity to travel to Halls Creek with the Kimberley Dental Team in August 2009 to assist with dental hygiene education. This was an experience which was not only personally rewarding and enjoyable, but one which provided me with a new insight into the health inequities that exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Ashleigh Owen Project Officer – Roundtable on Research on Racism Towards Indigenous Australians

February 2010, Warmun

Megan Buckley from Gija Total Health in Warmun said:

"This kind of program is extremely valuable. We really struggle to be able to get enough dental appointments for everyone in Kununurra and bad teeth leads to chronic health problems so it’s fantastic when top practitioners like John and Jan are willing to come to us. They gave their services for free and have made strong connections with community people very quickly. The dental health education and service they presented here was great fun. It was also informative and because it was offered in the community, it reached many people who would otherwise not have the chance to see a dentist".

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