Oral Health Competition for Schools in the Kimberley

There will be an oral health competition for all schools in the Kimberley during Term 2, 2021 (19th April to 2nd July). The object of the competition will be to develop an advertising campaign for good oral health amongst Aboriginal children, using any combination of: film, book/comic, fact sheets, leaflets, songs, apps. The submitted campaigns will be judged on both the quality of literacy used and the strength of the oral health messages.

The project will be run and funded by 2 organisations:

  • Kate Mullin Association (KMA): exists to promote improved English literacy amongst Aboriginal students in WA
  • Kimberley Dental Team (KDT): a team of visiting volunteers from the dental health profession who work to enhance levels of dental care for Aboriginal children and their families in the Kimberley.

The purpose of the competition is to help develop literacy skills amongst Aboriginal students in the Kimberley and to promote good oral health amongst Aboriginal children. The best entries will be used by the KDT in their visits across the Kimberley.

There will be an excellent set of prizes, the details of which will be confirmed later. For purposes of the competition, schools will be categorised into Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary, and also by town-based and remote. There will be media coverage of the competition, the winning entries, and the winners.

Full details will be supplied during Term 1 2021. For more information contact Trish Pepper on trish@fairtel.com.au.

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